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Where Do I Belong? (Autumn 1)


Our key text in literacy was Big, Bad Owl by Steve Smallman. We used the text to write character descriptions, focusing on using adjectives to describe nouns, and described the setting of Cupcake Wood. Our final written outcome was to retell the story. We published our own books to share with our families and friends.

We enjoyed reading more of Steve Smallman's books in story time. We think he is a very funny author! Here is a link to his website:

We have made a video using green screen technology to bring our story telling to life. Click the link below to view:


In maths, we learnt about place value, addition and subtraction, measuring length and mass and shape. We worked practically and pictorially to practise our skills and solve problems using efficient methods.


In Science, we investigated health and growth in humans - discussing how humans change as they grow. We investigated our bodies, measuring different body parts, and found that the oldest people are not always the tallest!

To investigate the spread of germs, we set up an experiment involving touching bread with clean and unclean hands.

We investigated and described what happens to our bodies when we exercise and learnt about the importance of healthy eating.


We studyied two artists this half-term - L.S. Lowry and Paul Horton. After looking at their work, we compared their styles and looked at the different colours they use in their pictures. We looked closely at the buildings in their pictures and replicated the lines and shapes they use. We practised mixing and blending the colours of the two artists in our own artwork. Finally, we created our own artwork, inspired by Lowry and Horton. 

Follow the links to find out more about the artists:

L.S. Lowry - LS Lowry Prints Art and Paintings - Limited Edition Prints - Lowry Art

Paul Horton: Paul Horton – Artist (


We explored our local area to find human and physical features, recording the things we found along our route. It was very interesting to look closely at the buildings that we walk past regularly but never have the chance to study carefully. We looked at where we live and talked about our route to school using online maps. We created our own maps to show the human and physical features in our area. 


Mrs Brunton worked with us to teach us a new song, 'Hands, Feet, Heart.' It is an Afro-Pop song. We practised call and response and put actions to the lyrics. As an introduction to rhythm and tempo, we practised tapping out words using African drums. We learnt to play xylophones and glockenspiels individually and as group, making sure we played in-time with each other.

We also joined in with our singing assemblies, learning the songs 'Sunshine' and 'We Run the Show.'


Our area of focus in PE was athletics. We practised and developed our running, jumping and throwing skills using a range of equipment. We took part in relay races and practised passing a baton effectively, making sure we reacted quickly to a starting whistle or shout. We practised using our arms to create momentum to help us jump from a standing position. When throwing a javelin, ball or bean bag, we made sure we stood in the correct position and let go at the most effective point.

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