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Our Curriculum Intent- P.E.


In our school, we ensure all children have access to high quality, engaging PE sessions, wider sporting opportunities, and encourage an enjoyment and value for all sports. To develop the whole child socially, emotionally and physically and give them the skills to make healthy lifestyle choices in the future.


Across the school we really enjoy PE! We passionately believe in the importance of developing 'Sport and Healthy Lifestyles' amongst our children and local community. Throughout the year we will develop these through a range of sporting activities including games, gymnastics, movement and athletics. '5 a Day' and 'Wakey Shakey' are classroom based exercises we also like to do too!


With a large proportion of the Government PE Funding we have received, staff work with Mr Dave, using his expertise to inspire and develop their skills.  This ensures high quality PE for our children and build staff confidence in the delivery of PE.


We have been seeking information from our families about clubs the children currently attend out of school, in order for us to make links with the local community. Mr Dave is building up links with providers in the local area and it is fantastic hearing that so many of our children are attending Nelson Football Club and Seedhill Athletics Track.

Supporting P.E. at Home

P.E. in Action

P.E. in EYFS- Dance and Movement

P.E. in EYFS- Gymnastics

P.E. in Year 1- Games

P.E. in Year 2- Games

P.E. in Year 2- Dance and movement

Extra-Curricular Sports Club

Supporting Documents

Our 'Curriculum Overview for P.E.' shows the coverage of P.E. across the school.

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