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Growth - We have had some very special visitors in class 4! Our very own caterpillars! Look how they are changing, we can’t wait until the butterflies emerge!

Growth- we planted our own beans and are completing a bean diary to record what changes we see.

Growth- we had lots of fun pond dipping and searching for tadpoles! We caught some and are observing their changes in class

We have been working with the Scientist Steven Lewis Neil to investigate the best materials to build a mouse house out of.


We have been learning about animals including humans and had the challenge of learning about what animals eat and whether they were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. We were scientists and investigated matching the poo (not real don’t worry!) to the animal by discovering what they had eaten. It was disgusting but so much fun! 

After learning about the significant event of bonfire night and Guy Fawkes we conducted a science experiment and created our own ‘fireworks in a jar’. We collected our own ingredients, made a prediction, completed the experiment scientifically and then talked about the results. 

Fireworks in a cup experiment


We were very lucky to have Mr Steven the scientist. in today to help us learn about animals. We compared different animals and talked about their features. We were all very brave and even stroked a mouse!! 

We are learning about ourselves and how although we are all human we are all different. We conducted an experiment measuring our height, handspan and how far we can jump. It turns out that non of us are the same and we all have different talents. The children were fantastic talking about why it’s good to be different and how we celebrate our differences! 

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