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The Olympics

This year our whole -school project is The Olympics. The project will make children have an awareness and understanding of a significant, global event in the world. It will promote our school values of respect, diversity, teamwork and effort, and the importance of caring for our own physical and mental well-being.


In our English lessons we will start by reading a poem about 'Winning'. We will write our own poems about what taking part in sports means. We will then learn about the Olympics and look at features of a non-fiction report. We will then write our own non-fiction reports about the Olympics.


We will then find out about an Olympic hero and write a diary in role as this person.


We will be finding out about Greece. We will look at the human and physical features and the similarities between the country and the United Kingdom.

In English we started researching about the Olympics so we can write a non-chronological report. Throughout the week we will look at different texts to find information. We will also use the iPads to help with our research.

We found out about Usain Bolt and put his life on a timeline.

In Geography we located Greece on the map. We also labelled the seas and looked on google maps for human and physical features. We made note of famous landmarks and other places. We then looked at similarities and differences of Greece and Nelson.

In Art we looked at Greek vases. We used the view finders to look closely at the art work. We sketched what we could see. We noticed that the vases had pictures of people and lots of patterns. We sketched different patterns and created a pattern strip.

We created a pattern and then used charcoal to recreate our patterns. We then used oil pastels and put a wash over it. This is called resist painting.

Having looked at the Greek vases, we noticed that they had pictures that told a story. We wanted to try and create pictures to show the Olympics. We used the app ‘Key Note’ on the iPads to create art. We took photographs of our friends doing different sport. We then uploaded them, duplicated the picture and looked at the detail. We drew round the outline and then filled. This was then duplicated and the photograph deleted.

In Science we have been learning about plants. We set up an investigation. We want to know if plants can grow without light or warmth. We are going to observe the seeds each week and record our findings. We also planted our own seeds to grow our own bean plant.

We celebrated our learning with a Carnival and put all our learning on display.

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