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Here are some photographs of some Literacy learning activities you could try at home using things you have around the house.


I like this idea of sticking post-it notes to the fridge with phonic sounds/ letters written on them. Can your child match the letter sound to the post-it note using magnetic letters?






Once you have matched your magnetic letter sounds - maybe you could start putting them together to make words?


You could write your words using cotton buds and paint onto tinfoil! 





Next you could play "egg smash"


Write words on eggs to make sentences. Smash the egg with a mini hammer (or your hand if you want to get messy) each time you read a word!



Tricky word activities:


Don't forget your tricky words children. Here are some fun ways of remembering them. Use magnetic letters on your fridge. Each time your Mummy says a word you could tap the pin into them using a hammer. 







Write tricky words on bananas and match them to ones written on paper!!!!!





Dinosaur stomp


Using some of your Dad's shaving foam (ask him first please) you could squirt foam next to a word. When your Dad reads a tricky word out - you then have to stomp your dinosaur into the foam!



Fun phonics using balloons:


You could write words on balloons using phase 3 sounds e.g "sh" "ch" "ng" etc (have a look in your phonics pack - the purple ones) and then pop them once you have read them! If you have a baby brother or sister - make sure you do this activity whilst they aren't having a nap!!!



Let me know if you see any other great ideas - or if you have any ideas of your own. I shall add them to the website if you email me.



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