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Here are some photographs of some Literacy learning activities you could try at home using things you have around the house.


I like this idea of sticking post-it notes to the fridge with phonic sounds/ letters written on them. Can your child match the letter sound to the post-it note using magnetic letters?




Picture 1



Once you have matched your magnetic letter sounds - maybe you could start putting them together to make words?


You could write your words using cotton buds and paint onto tinfoil! 



Picture 1



Next you could play "egg smash"


Write words on eggs to make sentences. Smash the egg with a mini hammer (or your hand if you want to get messy) each time you read a word!

Picture 1



Tricky word activities:


Don't forget your tricky words children. Here are some fun ways of remembering them. Use magnetic letters on your fridge. Each time your Mummy says a word you could tap the pin into them using a hammer. 





Picture 1
Picture 2



Write tricky words on bananas and match them to ones written on paper!!!!!



Picture 1



Dinosaur stomp


Using some of your Dad's shaving foam (ask him first please) you could squirt foam next to a word. When your Dad reads a tricky word out - you then have to stomp your dinosaur into the foam!

Picture 1



Fun phonics using balloons:


You could write words on balloons using phase 3 sounds e.g "sh" "ch" "ng" etc (have a look in your phonics pack - the purple ones) and then pop them once you have read them! If you have a baby brother or sister - make sure you do this activity whilst they aren't having a nap!!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



Let me know if you see any other great ideas - or if you have any ideas of your own. I shall add them to the website if you email me.



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