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Grand Designs

Our core text this half term is 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' 

In science this term we are learning all about materials. We talked about materials being what something is made of. We went on a material hunt around the school to see what different things are made of. We found metal, fabric, plastic, glass, wood, stone and rubber. We discussed the properties of them and how we knew what each material was. 

In art we are looking at the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We are exploring his landscape painting of Langlois bridge. We looked at the painting and discussed what we could see. We thought about the lady in the painting and where she might be going. We then looked at the colours and textures in his painting and thought about how we could create texture using water colour, pencil crayons and oil pastels. We practised using different medias to create texture. 

In forest school we have been using natural materials to build local buildings and bridges from Nelson.

In music we have been learning about different styles of music with our song 'In the Groove'. This week we have built on our learning by using chime bars and glockenspiels to improvise during the instrumental part of the song. 

As part of our history and art learning we walked to the 'Whitefield Bridge'. We talked about the significance of the bridge on our school logo and we discussed how it was built and how long it had been built. We saw that it was number 141 on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. 

We visited the motorway bridge and discussed how it was made and when it was made. We compared the old and new bridges in Nelson

In maths we have been learning about number and place value. We have been using 10p and 1p coins to make amounts. 

In Science we have been investigating different materials and their properties through practical experiments. We have tested materials that float and sink.

After visiting the bridges in Nelson the children enjoyed building the bridges in our construction area thinking carefully about their design.

In art we created a landscape of the Whitefield Bridge in the style of Van Gogh. We sketched the bridge looking carefully at the pictures we took on our local walk and then used water colour and oil pastels to add colour and create texture.

Take a look at our learning journey of this half terms learning. 

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