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Music Intent 


In our school, the music curriculum exposes children to a variety of music experiences, through which we aim to build up the confidence of every child. Children are taught to listen to and respond to a range of musical experiences and develop a life-long love and appreciation of different musical forms. 


We teach them core skills to compose, perform and evaluate their own musical sequences. 

Supporting musical learning at home


Steve Brown has created a sequence of music sessions to be carried out at home during our school closure. Below is the link for his youtube channel. Enjoy!




                                 Further links to support home learning


Classics for kids

Learn all about composers and the orchestra


Music K-8 kids

Here you will find lots of fun musical games to play at home.


Sphynx Kids

Interactive learning and games based on classical music


Creating Music

Creating and exploring music through musical games


Online Music Games 

A wide range of online music games to support learning in music


                   Links to our school values and SMSC


Our whole school values and the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculum (SMSC) form an integral part of our Music curriculum here at Whitefield.


Spiritual - Children are encouraged to reflect on the important effect that music has on people. Singing is also a form of collective worship, demonstrated in our weekly singing assemblies.


Moral Children learn to compose and perform for a range of audiences and purposes. They are also encouraged to respect all genres of music. The songs we sing are carefully chosen to provide opportunities for children explore different feelings and values through lyrics. In addition to this, children learn to look after musical instruments and equipment from Nursery onwards.


SocialThrough the shared goal of making music, children learn to work effectively with others and build good relationships. Music plays an essential role in developing self-confidence such as through sharing music and performing. The extra-curricular opportunities provided at Whitefield provide children with opportunities to perform and participate in the celebration of music.


Cultural - Children explore music from many cultures/religions and through their growing knowledge of different forms of music, providing them with the opportunity to develop their understanding of different cultures/religions and their music. They also learn about the history of music when listening to and appraising music from different genres.


Respect – Musical experiences stimulates children’s curiosity about and understanding of different cultures/religions and their music, whilst also developing their knowledge and understanding of their own personal identities as well as others’. Through this, children learn to respect the diversity of Music.


Kindness - Children understand that they can express their views and listen to the views of others when appraising music. They also respect each other’s views which may differ to their own.


 ResponsibilityChildren understand that there are expectations that have to be followed during Music learning and why these are in place.


Team workChildren are given opportunities to have a say, question and be engaged in topics they want to learn about.

Music throughout school


Celebrating learning in Key Stage 1
Celebrating learning in Key Stage 1
Linking Music with story telling in EYFS
Exploring sound in our outdoor classroom

Enjoying music in our classroom under the sky

Early Years

In the Nursery and Reception,  we enjoy singing lots of nursery rhymes and favourite songs.  We learn to tap out repeated rhythms and explore how sounds can be changed.  Our outside classroom includes a large music area for music-making outdoors. We explore different ways to move to music and often have music playing in our classrooms or outside during child-initiated time.


Key Stage 1

During Key Stage 1 music is taught through our curriculum, using a variety of resources and is enhanced regularly with music sessions from Steve Brown, a Creative Practitioner in residence. We learn to listen carefully and respond physically to a wide range of music. We play a range of tuned and untuned musical instruments and work together to create short compositions.  We explore how sounds and silence can create different moods and effects and learn to control the sounds we create with our voices and instruments.


Musician, Steve Brown works across our school, creating musical compositions to bring our literacy core texts and topics to life. He teaches musical skills and terminology. The children explore a range of instruments and respond to music in a variety of ways.

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