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Science Club

For the first week of science club we did an investigation using M&M’s! We put them on a plate and then poured room temperature water on. We made predictions about what would happen and then observed to see if we were correct.


Once we had observed the changes we thought about what we could change in the investigation to try it again. Some of us changed the type of sweet, some of us changed the temperature of the water and some of us used milk! We observed again to see what would happen. 

Our next investigation was to make raisins dance! We tested different types of fizzy drinks to see which one made the best dancers. We observed what happened and recorded our results. 

As we have been learning about Sir David Attenborough we decided to write him some letters. We wrote to tell him what we had been learning about and we also painted him some pictures of our favourite animals. We hope we get a reply!  

For our final science club we did a very fun investigation! We made predictions about what would happen if we added baking soda to vinegar. Then we observed the test and used our observations to try to explain what had happened! 

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