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Where are we going? Spring 2

This term the children are learning about different traditional tales.  We will be using The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

This week as part of our topic learning we have been baking Gingerbread Men biscuits. The children carefully weighed out the ingredients and watched closely as the ingredients changed into a dough. Then the children rolled out the dough and cut out their Gingerbread man before putting it into the oven to bake. Their favourite part was decorating their biscuits with icing pens, googly eyes and smarties. We loved how each Gingerbread Man was different and unique!

We went on a local walk to Victoria Park to look for signs of Spring. We noticed many spring flowers growing including crocuses, daffodils and blossom. The children pointed out that the trees now had leaves growing on them and they were green leaves rather than orange and red like they noticed in Autumn. After we came back from our spring walk the children were keen to continue their interest in spring flowers and carried out observational drawings and and paintings of what they had seen. We also decided to develop our geographical mapping skills and created a map to show our journey and the different things we saw along the way. We worked as part of a group to sequence the key landmarks that we saw and then recreated them using loose parts and resources from our classroom provision.

We were very lucky to have our resident artist Miss Smith come to work with us in class. We told her about our interest in transport and vehicles and she was very excited to help us create some art work related to this theme. We began by carrying out observational drawings of our favourite vehicles using willow charcoal and then painted the vehicles using poster paint. We created 3D models of vehicles using junk materials indoors and large construction resources outdoors. We explored tyres and car tracks by rolling them in paint and also carried out some observational drawings of bikes following our love of our weekly bikability lessons with Miss Farrell! What fun we had!


We have really enjoyed reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears and have carried out some wonderful learning in relation to the story. In our English work we have created Goldilocks out of reggio materials then described her character. We have also made the characters from the story in our outdoor provision using many different media and materials. As part of our topic learning we have made porridge and made some new chairs for the three bears!

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