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Hello Parents!


I am sure you are looking all over the show for ideas of how to help your child learn at home. I have added a few links to hopefully help. Please don't overly worry about home learning - I won't be checking how many clicks these websites have been getting (I really don't know how!!!).


The most important thing is that you keep your families happy, healthy and safe - it really is. Please read with your child every day to ensure they maintain their love of reading - try and do a bit of maths, writing, phonics and spelling each day too.


I have added links below for ideas at home.


Stay safe,


Mrs Hutchinson x


There are weekly projects for each year group here that you can work through week by week;


There are also a daily maths lesson and support for year group here;


Youtube Mum


(good for routines).



Instagram follows: 








"play hooray" - Aimed at 1-5 years olds - using things around the home for play ideas





(This one has loads of good ideas for activities for number/ reading/ general play - stuff you can easily make yourself)


Maths ideas :


Daily story time with Oliver Jeffers:


Draw with author Rob Biddulph:




Literacy resources:  


(every child has a login for "teach your monster" in the front of your child's reading record)



Other things:

Ideas for home :)

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